/The Xbox Series S is a compact $299 console promising next-gen performance

The Xbox Series S is a compact $299 console promising next-gen performance

The long-rumored Xbox Series S has been officially unveiled by Microsoft. A number of leaks had all but confirmed the existence of the slimline console, which promises to deliver “next-gen performance in the smallest Xbox ever.”

The all-digital unit will likely be a cheaper alternative to the flagship Xbox Series X, and will retail for $299 when it eventually hits shelves. Although Microsoft hasn’t shared any concrete tech specs, a leaked advertisement indicates the Series S will support 120fps at 1440p, DirectX raytracing, variable rate shading, 4K upscaling, and 4K media playback. 

It will also apparently pack a custom 512GB SSD, and will seemingly come bundled with an Xbox gamepad that looks strikingly similar to the one that was spotted in the wild earlier this year. The console itself looks to be a lot thinner than the brick-like Xbox Series X, and sports a circular vent on its side as well as a rectangular vent on top. 

That compact design and (relative) low cost of the Series S makes it a perfect vehicle for Xbox Game Pass subscribers and more casual players who might not want to go all-in on an expensive next-gen upgrade. 

A recent Windows Central report suggests the Xbox Series X will retail for $499 when it launches in November, and if that rumor proves accurate the Series S will be a good value proposition for consumers with a more conservative budget.

Of course, it’s worth taking these rumblings with a pinch of salt until we hear more from Microsoft, but with that November launch window fast approaching, we’d expect the company to share more details sooner rather than later.