/The PlayStation 5 user interface is an instant hub that prioritizes gameplay

The PlayStation 5 user interface is an instant hub that prioritizes gameplay

Sony has finally shown off the PlayStation 5 user interface in a new State of Play video, detailing a range of functions that make use of the console’s new SSD. 

At the beginning of the video we’re introduced to the PlayStation 5’s control center (pictured), which can be used to resume games instantly while granting immediate access to downloads, friends lists and more. 

This area also contains ‘cards’ that can be used to interact with games and the system in a variety of useful ways. For instance, the news card highlights recent stories relating to chosen titles, while another displays recent media that’s been captured using the DualSense’s create button. 

Other cards, however, are more dynamic. They’re called ‘activities,’ and they’re part of Sony’s plan to “remove barriers to gameplay” by granting quick access to specific levels or modes while displaying additional information like key objectives or the estimated time until a level is completed. 

They can even be used to access official hints and tips that take the form of videos, screenshots, or text that can be displayed on-screen (in picture-in-picture mode or side-view) during gameplay. These ‘Game Help’ tips will only be available to PlayStation Plus subscribers, but should make supported titles more accessible.

New interactive notifications can also be used to join parties and access screen sharing in-game, giving players “persistent spaces to connect” all without ever having to minimize the game screen. 

You’ll get a better sense of how these features come together by checking out the full 12 minute video (embedded above), but it’s clear Sony wants to deliver easy-to-access controls without kicking gameplay to the curb.