/Sony details how it redesigned its PS5 packaging to help save the planet

Sony details how it redesigned its PS5 packaging to help save the planet

Sony has explained how it’s championing sustainability with its improved PlayStation 5 packaging. 

The company said the environmentally friendly packaging, which launched alongside the next-gen console last year, is another step on its “road to zero,” with the PlayStation maker striving to eradicate its environmental footprint by the year 2050.

With that goal in mind, Sony has worked to ensure its PS5 console and accessories packaging is fully recyclable and (depending on the product) between 93 and 99 percent plastic free. 

It looked to hit some key goals with its redesign, including avoiding expanded polystyrene or plastic trays, replacing plastic cable ties with paper cable ties, eliminating plastic protection bags, substituting plastic display windows for closed card boxes, and incorporating folding to replace glued hanger tabs. 

Moving forward, the company also plans to test the inclusion of polypropylene recycled from post-industrial waste in its physical cases throughout Europe, and said it will continue to “review innovations and technical possibilities” to address plastic use in its packaging and products. 

“Over the last few years, we implemented a number of steps to address plastic use in our packaging,” said Sony. “For example, in the PlayStation 4 peripheral packaging, such as the DualShock 4 wireless controller, we used around 70 percent recycled PET plastic for display windows and hanging hooks within our North and South American and European markets where these recycled materials are readily available for local bundling. To meet the ambition of Sony’s new commitments, we decided to go further for the launch of our PS5 product offerings.”

Those interested can learn more about the company’s environmental pledges over on the Sony Interactive Entertainment website.