/Open Saves is a new cloud-native game storage system from Google Cloud and 2K

Open Saves is a new cloud-native game storage system from Google Cloud and 2K

Google Cloud and 2K Games have launched a new cloud-native game storage system called Open Saves.

Open Saves will provide a way for game developers to store game data without having to choose between storage solutions such as Cloud Storage, Memorystore, or Firestore, and is described as “an open source purpose-built single interface for multiple storage back ends that’s powered by Google Cloud.”

The interface has been “designed with extensibility in mind,” and can be integrated into a variety of titles on a range of platforms — whether mobile or console, multiplayer or single-player — running on any infrastructure from on-prem to cloud or a hybrid. 

Offering more detail on Open Saves in a blog post, Google Cloud for Games developer advocate Emma Haruka Iwao and chief architect Rob Martin said they wanted to create a storage inferface that’s simple, fast, and scalable. 

“Open Saves provides a unified, well-defined gRPC endpoint for all operations for metadata, structured, and unstructured objects,” reads the blog post. “With a built-in caching system, Open Saves optimizes data placements based on access frequency and data size, all to achieve both low latency for smaller binary objects and high throughput for big objects.

“The Open Saves API server can run on either Google Kubernetes Engine or Cloud Run. Both platforms can scale out to handle hundreds of thousands of requests per second. Open Saves also stores data in Firestore and Cloud Storage, and can handle hundreds of gigabytes of data and up to millions of requests per second.”

You can find more details on Open Saves, including how to install and deploy the interface, over on GitHub and the Google Cloud website.