/Nintendo winds down 3DS production after almost a decade

Nintendo winds down 3DS production after almost a decade

Nintendo has ended 3DS production after almost a decade. A short post on the Nintendo UK website notes that “manufacturing of the Nintendo 3DS family of systems has ended,” and similar messages have been spotted on other regional Nintendo websites. 

The 3DS launched worldwide in March 2011, and has sold 75.87 million units to date. Over those nine years, Nintendo diversified the range with revamped devices including the 2DS — which removed the 3D display and clamshell body to make the handheld more affordable — and the larger 3DS XL. 

Nintendo has been bullish about the future of the 3DS for some time, with the Switch’s capabilities as both a handheld and home console leaving many wondering whether the 3DS would eventually be pushed to one side. 

Ultimately, the handheld managed to tentatively co-exist with the Switch for over three years, but dwindling hardware and software sales have finally convinced Nintendo to call time on the platform.