/Alienwares handheld Concept UFO PC takes cues from the Nintendo Switch

Alienwares handheld Concept UFO PC takes cues from the Nintendo Switch

A concept unveiled by Alienware at CES this week takes a stab at creating a handheld gaming PC—and appears to take some visual cues from Nintendo’s flagship video game console, the Nintendo Switch.

Alienware’s Concept UFO is, like the Switch, a screen with removable controllers mounted on either side and a kickstand to keep the system upright for tabletop play.

A post on Dell’s blog dives some of the device’s early specifications, noting that it offers a 1900×1200 resolution on its 8-inch screen, is powered by 10th generation Intel core processors, and is capable of playing triple-A PC games on the go.

The current concept includes a Thunderbolt port that could be used to connect the portable device to larger displays as well, and is both Bluetooth and Wi-Fi capiable.

It’s not a design exclusive to Nintendo—the Mario maker itself faced a copyright infringement accusation or two when the console debuted—but still, it’s hard not to look at the Concept UFO without drawing comparisons to the Switch.

Similarities notwithstanding, Dell says the Alienware team went to great lengths to design the handheld as something equally comfortable and efficient.

“Our teams have invested hundreds – if not thousands – of hours on the controller design features and ergonomics. And we’ve spent the last few months testing and enhancing the buttons, the weight, all to strike a perfect balance between performance, ultra-mobility and battery life,” explains Dell. More on the handheld can be found in that full blog